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As church community we need to continue to support the various causes which we have committed to through our deaconal contributions and so, after sorting out a few banking changes, the deacons are now able to offer you E-transfer as a method for contribution.
Below are the steps to make a Deaconry contribution.

Interac e-Transfer step by step instructions:

1. Login to your online banking account or mobile app

2. Select Transfer Funds / Move Money

3. Select Interac E-Transfer

4. Select From: your bank account

5. Select To: Fergus Deacons a. The first time sending to this recipient you will need to select: Add Recipient b. Then enter email: fergusdeacons@gmail.com (nickname: Fergus Deacons) c. Select the check box to Save the Recipient d. Then select “Continue”

6. Enter the Dollar amount you would like to transfer.

7. Confirm the amount is correct, (the deacon account is setup for auto-deposit so no security question)

8. Select “Send Now”

Cash or Cheque payment options:

1. Drop off a cheque at Larry Tenhage’s home (466 Union St W, Fergus). He has a mailbox on the wall near his front door and he will be checking it often (just drop it in). Please ensure that cheques are in a sealed envelope and made out to the “Maranatha Fergus Deacons”

2. Mail a cheque to our church and earmark the memo line “Deacons”. The mailing address is Maranatha Canadian Reformed Church, PO Box 54, Fergus, ON. N1M 2W7

Our Location: 600 Belsyde East, Fergus, Ontario, Canada